Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What are You Looking Forward To?

A book? A movie? Your kid visiting from college? School starting?

Me, well, school has started for the kids, except for my son, who's in pre-K. He starts next week, so I'm still not quite "there" yet as far as being able to work. But there are several things I'm looking forward to, besides getting back to writing.
  • Getting a new car to replace the one that hit a deer, and hoping the deer stumbled to safety but not counting on it.
  • An new idea for a series for a contemporary romance hit me last night. I'm looking forward to writing that.
  • New books by Christine Feehan (Dark series), Gena Showalter, Jayne Ann Krentz, and Nalini Singh (Psy series)
  • District 9, a new movie coming out (produced by Peter Jackson, of LOTR fame) about aliens hovering over South Africa. Looks stellar and is getting much buzz
  • Getting back into shape and breaking bad habits. I didn't snack last night after dinner. Yea for me.
  • Finishing my current WIP
  • The cooler temps and football season (I love the commercials)
  • Halloween. Yep, I'm thinking about it now
  • All the horror movies that go with Halloween
That's what I'm looking forward to. But I know I've probably missed a few more good books coming out. I'll have to check my romance magazine again for upcoming release dates.
Chow, and happy Wednesday

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