Tuesday, August 25, 2009

That @#@%!!! Muse is Just Killing Me

I don't really find Thalia amusing. She's the muse of comedy. My own personal muse--I'm not sure of his name, and yes, it's a he (he's very annoying and has me thinking about sex all the time)--has been driving me crazy lately with a plethora of ideas.

Normally when I'm working on a project, I get a thought here or there about a future project. But lately I've been bombarded with ideas about any and all sorts of things. A fantasy story about elves and wizards and doorways. A romance about gargoyles who aren't gargoyles. A romantic suspense in which the heroine is a serial killer (and don't get me started on the problems in THAT idea.)

I just want to finish what I'm working on. That's it. Then I can get to the other million projects I have on hold. Currently, I have two romantic suspenses I'm editing, the first chapter of three separate and much asked for works by readers, and the new idea of Dawn Endeavor, a follow-on to my Circ series.

Now if this friggin muse would just tone down his help from shouts to whispers, then all the voices in my head would quiet enough to finish my WIP. And by voices in my head, I mean that in a non-literal sense. Really.

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