Thursday, March 29, 2007

Final Winners Announced

Announcing the final two winners....Clg5 (daretodream) and Beth (reimer...). Congrats, and shoot me an email with your addresses and choice of books. :)

Thanks to everyone who participated,and remember, if my two outstanding previous winners don't email me by tomorrow, I'll be redrawing two more winners. So stay tuned.


**Contest Reminder**

Whoa! Last day of the contest. I have two more books to give away, and two that haven't yet been claimed. If I don't hear back from PamK or Stephanie (dragonstar...) by tomorrow, I'll draw two other winners. Sorry guys, but I want to send these books out to readers before next month's contest....

Remember, you have to be part of my newsletter group to win, and I need a valid email by which to contact you. The four remaining titles (that I can't believe haven't been chosen yet) are The Immortal Highlander by Karen Marie Moning, Tongue in Chic by Christina Dodd, Born to Be Bad by Sherrilyn Kenyon, and Midnight Pleasures by Amanda Ashley, Maggie Shayne, Sherrilyn Kenyon and Ronda Thompson.

Good luck, everyone. And I'll be announcing the final winners tonight...and maybe tomorrow?


Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Catching Up...Conference

Wow. I just realized my blog has been lagging. Time flies, and the next thing you know, you've missed several days of posts!!
In my defense, I just finished edits on my latest contemporary, Reaper's Reward, for Loose Id, and am gearing up for the Southern Magic conference in Alabama this weekend. I'm excited to attend. It's an RWA conference, and I'm looking forward to the workshops and agent/editor appts...and on that same note, I'm nervous about those appointments. Knowing that first impressions are lasting, and as good as you think your book is, if you screw up the presentation, you're toast...well, it's making me loopy.
So I'm reading and rereading the MS I'm pushing--man, that makes me sound like some kind of dealer--and practicing my little speech. But I have to say, even after several months, my MS still sings to me. I finalled in the Linda Howard Award of Excellence with it, and they're announcing the winner of the contest this weekend. So hopefully that'll help.
Wish me luck!


Friday, March 23, 2007

New Cover: A Scorching Seduction

I'm very excited to post this new cover for my first story from Samhain. A Scorching Seduction will be out June 1st. Part of the Midsummer Night's Steam collection from Samhain. Not only do I love the colors, I love the layering of the entwined people over the water. Makes me long for the beach...and other things. :)

Take a gander, and tell me what you think if you get a chance.


Thursday, March 22, 2007


I'm so sorry for being late. I was caught up doing taxes....blech.
Anyway, the winner in the NOVELSPOTTERS contest is Cathie Morton. Cathie's won a $10 gift certificate to Samhain. Congrats, Cathie, and thanks to everyone who participated in the chat. :)
The 3rd winners of March Mania are...drumroll please....Stephanie (dragonstar...) and LindseyAnn (sweetchib...@). Way to go, guys!
The contest is still on, with one more drawing next week, March 29th. If you've already entered, you're still eligible to win. [And hey PamK, I'm still looking for you!!]

Happy reading everyone.


Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Novelspotters Chat

Today I was a last minute addition (ahem, I added myself) to a chat over at Novelspotters. In fact, it's still ongoing, authors from Samhain posting excerpts and contests throughout the evening. Great stuff! Take a look and see.

If you'd like to win a $10 gift certificate to Samhain, take a look at Novelspotters and look at the 3-4pm time frame. You'll see a posting for my contest, and it's easy to enter and win.

Hope you're all having a happy Wednesday, now I have to finish the last pages of Reaper's Reward, FINALLY, while my husband has the little ones at the Y while he exercises. (God bless him.)


Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I Dream of Dragons!

Wow! I'm so excited. I just heard that my story, Ethereal Foes: The Dragons' Demon, has been accepted as part of Samhain's I Dream of Dragons collection. I believe the stories will be released this fall. Man, and I almost missed the acceptance note through a bad case of Spam filtering. Dratted Spam...

I'm very happy this story was accepted, and plan to write a few more in the Ethereal Foes line that kind of took me by surprise. Ethereal Foes encompasses the world we live in, the middle realm, or Ordinary, and the upper realm--inhabited by angels and the like, and the lower realm, home of the Abyss, its demons, and the dragons, blood elves and havoc who dwell there as well.

The Dragons' Demon tells the tale of Eve Sinclair, a demon working to salvage souls for the lower realm, and Ranton, leader of the Dragon Legion. When a precious dragon egg goes missing, angels and demons share blame, but Eve is left holding the proverbial bag. And Ranton's not a forgiving sort. Take a sneak peek on my Coming Soon page on my website. I'll be updating later today! And don't forget to check out my current contest. I'm drawing again this Thursday, so see the contest post from last week, or check out my website. I'm giving away some great books by great authors, Nora Roberts and Sherrilyn Kenyon to name a few.

Marie :)

Thursday, March 15, 2007

New Winners Announced

Congrats to PamK and Joy. Thanks to everyone who's participated, and stay tuned for next week, March 22nd, when I'll announce the third week's winners.
Remember, all you have to do to win a free book (see contest post or my website for more details) is join or already be a member of my newgroup, and post any message you like on my blog, with March Mania included in the text.



To Bee or Not to Bee, let's talk Pollen

I've never been allergic to anything in my life...until we moved down here to Georgia eight plus years ago. The cars are covered in yellow dust, the bulbs are out in force, and it's been in the 70's. Yesterday I was down hard, even had the hubby watching the kids and taking care of me. (Blissful, except for the fact that I felt like crap.) And today's not much better. I'm not sure if it's sinuses or a touch of flu, but I thought flu season was over.

Ah well, enough of my whining. I'm excited to post the new winnners tonight at 8, and I'll have to make sure I do that and get my boys in bed so I don't miss a new episode of Supernatural, on at 9. It's odd, but according to the demographics of the shows I like to watch, I should be a 17 year old teenager, a boy in fact. *sigh* Can I help it if I like horror, gratuitous violence and sex, and a rip-roaring adventure that I don't have to think too hard about?

Heck, if I wanted reality, I'd watch the news!

That said, these are some of my favorite escapes..what are yours?
TV--Supernatural, Heroes, Simpsons, Stargate (both series), I kind of got into Battlestar Gallactica after fighting my inner rejection of a female Starbuck. So what do they do? They kill the woman off the show just as I was getting to like her. I'm not watchign anymore. >:(

Movies--the Lethal Weapon series, Sin City, can't WAIT to see 300, The Bourne Identity movies, James Bond, Disney cartoons (and not just because I have kids), Clash of the Titans, Underworld series, Matrix 1 & 2, and could someone explain 3 to me? What the #$@@?

Books--Feehan's Carpathians, Kenyon's Dark Hunters (though I didn't care much for her last hardcover), anything Dean Koontz, Garwood's historicals, Kane's contemp's/historicals, Celeste Bradley's historicals, JR Ward's brotherhood books (TOTALLY AWESOME), oh, and Jayne Anne Krentz/Amanda Quick. Love her style. Any well-written erotic romance, too many authors I like in that category to list... :)

That's a taste of what I like to read/watch, though I admit to reading just about anything. I love books, plain and simple, and pick a book over TV any night of the week.

Talk to you at 8!

Monday, March 12, 2007

I HAVE to Get Some Sleep

Technically this is a Tuesday post. :) I'm both pumped and exhausted from an outstanding session of writing tonight. Too bad I didn't use this time to exercise, i.e. run, like I told myself I would. Instead, I typed until my fingers cramped. So my fingers are in shape while the rest of me laments my post-pregnancy droop. (Yes, I gave birth over a year and a half ago, but I'm going to milk the whole "I'm out of shape because I had babies" until I'm sixty.)

Reaper's Reward is starting to really take shape. I was concerned that I had too much sex in it, but it's evened out now. The killer has made his presence known, and the hero and heroine have had ample time in the sack to now focus on their real reasons for being in Satyr's Myst, otherwise known as "pleasure island." I confess, my favorite part of writing any sex scene is when the physical turns emotional, and the sex forces partners to realize there's so much more between them than their bodies. Sappy, but true. Ah, true love...

Oh my gosh, my eyes keep shutting. I used to be such a great night owl, but I peter out near one a.m. anymore. Such a wuss, I know. Well, I'll type more later.

Congrats to those who won the first books in the contest. And know it's not too late to enter. Six more books are waiting for some lucky winners! (Remember, if you've already entered once and haven't yet won, you're still eligible to win a prize through the end of March.)
Good night and happy reading.

Congrats to the first two winners!

Congratulations Glenna Day and Karen G. Shoot me an email with your snail mail addresses so I can mail out your prizes. Enjoy the reads, they're from some great authors. :)


Friday, March 9, 2007

New Contest

Hello all! New contest posted on my website. Click the title of this post for a link. I'm giving away lots of books this month. They're part of my library I must sadly part with, due to lack of space on my bookshelves.
Several of them are new releases, so check out the contest details and take a peak.


Thursday, March 8, 2007

Good News Today

Oh boy. See? This is what I was afraid of. Instead of using this valuable nap time (when my boys are sleeping) to write, I'm blogging. Ack. Oh well. It's still fun, and I have good news to share, so why the heck not?

I've had several remarks on the site so far, and am pleased with it myself. I wanted to reply to everyone, but don't see any "reply" settings on posts. Am I wrong on that? Anyway, thanks to all who stopped by. And to those curious about the lady in The Lady's Lair pic, she's half woman, half serpent. Dan Skinner created her, and I just LOVE his stuff. There's a link to his site, Cerberus Inc, in my Places To Visit sidebar.

Now for the good news....Firebreather was number one at Amber Quill Heat for the month of February. My progress on Reaper's Reward is coming along very nicely. And I found out today that I've been offered a contract on Tempting Traditions, a futuristic erotic novella, from Whispers Publishing. Very cool. :)

Have a great Thursday--I am! Good news, and it feels like spring. It's 73 degrees here. Gotta love it.


Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Grand Opening!

Hi! I've finally jumped on the bandwagon and created an online journal. I looked through Yahoo 360 and Word Press, and had a headache in the hour it took me to unsuccessfully download the theme I'd wanted. So here I am! Actually, this was a pretty easy program to manipulate, and if I can do it, anyone can.

On another note, I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Marie Harte, and I write romance, particularly erotic romance, in several genres. I love futuristic/scifi, paranormal and fantasy romance, but heck, will read any story that's original and well-written.

While my husband has the little ones, I'm taking the time to expand my promotional repertoire. I'm currently in the middle of writing my second book for Loose Id, tentatively titled,
Reaper's Reward. But I'm taking some time out to work this blog. I have to thank the folks at Samhain for pushing me to do this, in particular the SPA loop. What great information for those wanting to publish successfully!!

So I say, hello out there. Here I am.