Tuesday, August 11, 2009

GI Joe Movie Review

Late last night, I went to see GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra. I was a fan of the cartoon as a kid, and thought that maybe the movie would prove a pleasant diversion.

Pregnant pause.

Wait for the DVD.

On the plus side, it's entertaining if you don't mind constant action, the basic good guys versus bad guys standard plot, an actor way too young and ill-suited to play the character of Duke, and a lackluster romance between two pivotal characters. The special effects are stellar, however, as are the creative uses of technology (not scientific, but fantastic) proposed in the movie.

Bottom line, the acting was okay, the plot okay, the effects terrific, the casting so-so. But the fighting was superb.
**This is not a film I'd take my 4 or 5 year old to, just because it's so darned violent and there's a bit of sexual innuendo in a few scenes.

Overall, I'd give it a C+.

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