Friday, August 21, 2009

The Hair Has It

You've heard that the eyes have it, er, or is that the "ayes" have it? Either way, today, the hair has it. Yes, after four months, I went to get my hair cut once again. Gone are the days when my bangs bothered me so much I cut them myself. (Disaster, truly.) I hit the salon, said hey to Amy, and am now much happier, and a tad darker.

The whole hair metaphor really hit me today. My stylist colored and rinsed, washed and cut. Dead ends left, inches fell off, leaving me feeling lighter and prettier. Able to do more, because I felt better about myself. If only I could cut away the dead ideas and fluff and color the new ones so easily...

I always feel better and more productive when I look nice. Staying at home with my kids, I've grown lazy when it comes to sprucing up. But you know, that adage, "dress for success" really works. Mentally, at the very least.

Now if I could take out the rest of the crap littering my house as easily as cutting my hair, I'd be really happy. And don't get me started on my teenagers.

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