Wednesday, August 19, 2009

NCD: A Disease

You read that right. Not OCD, the well-known Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I have something different, something that should go away within the next 5000 or so miles, I hope.


Even since purchasing our (read, my) new car this past Saturday, I've been disinclined to park near anything resembling another automobile. At the grocery store I parked way far away from cart stalls. At home, I caution everyone to tread gently around the vehicle. And I've warned the teenagers to watch their backing up skills if they see a hint of white in the rearview.

My children may not drink anything but water inside the car, and I almost had a heartattack yesteday when I handed my four-year old a package of fruit snacks.

Mother looking crazed around the eyes: "Don't spill anything."
Small boy, looking as if he needs to spill something: "I won't."
Mother still worried: "I mean it. You can't drop one gummy fruit snack, not in this heat. The thing will turn sticky in a second."
Boy using naughty face to give Mother heart attack: "I promise. I'll eat them all. Really."

I checked. He ate them all. And he didn't mark the leather interior with his shoes. And the car still smells new, though I wonder how long that will last.

There is, however, some loose grass on the floor mats. I'll definitely have to vacuum that up. A few spattered bugs are drying on the front bumper and windshield. The horror!

I know, I'm sounding more like I suffer from OCD than NCD. I figure I have a few weeks of constant car vacuuming and washing before I lose interest in total cleanliness. Slacker that I am, I just can't maintain that frenzy for more than a month. To bad my NHD--New House Disease-- lasted only a few days. You should see the piles of dust now gathered over the house. So sad. Ah well, back to my work in progress.


Georgia Woods said...
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Georgia Woods said...

Congrats on the new car. NCD goes away pretty quickly, but the accompanying NCS (new car satisfaction) does not, thank goodness. My car is now six years old, and it's the first one I picked out because I liked it rather than I picked out because it was the only one I could afford. The kids growing up and moving out does amazing things to the amount of liquid income you have, which is something I still can't get over. Our grocery bill alone dropped $200 a week - who knew? And I still feel that satisfaction every time I get into it and back out of the garage, even though it has a ding here and a worn spot on the floor mat there. So there is much enjoyment still to come after the new car smell fades away.


P.S. I'm from Cobb County and my daughter in law is from Augusta - small world. :)

Marie Harte said...

Hey Georgia.

So is Cobb County up by Marietta? Small world! I only wish I knew what you meant about parking your car in your garage. Ours is so full of crap it's ridiculous. *sigh*
Yet another fall project in the making.

:) Marie