Monday, August 3, 2009

Keep It Down, WAY Down

Well, helloooo there. Been a while since I've posted anything of substance. And thank you, LD, the theater was fun.

I read a blog today and it directly related to my recent difficulties, namely frustration, rants, and what to do about them. Today I read a copied email, sent from a NY bestselling author back to one of her fans. The fan made public this private email, wherein the author commented on some issues with one of her editors/publishers. Nothing too specific, but the message read to many like sour grapes.

I haven't listed the author's name, nor her editor or publisher, because I don't want to perpetuate what was in fact a PRIVATE correspondence between that author and her fan/reader. However, the fact of the matter is that anything in print or digital media can and probably will be found at some later date. And the author, though quite circumspect in describing her difficulties with an editor who thoroughly rewrote her book, didn't come across as sympathetic to many. To me, sure. But hey, I'm an author. I've been lucky to work with professional and courteous editors, with the exception of one particular group.

And that group, in a nutshell, is the reason I was very quiet last week.

I've been indoctrinated (not brainwashed), to believe you praise in public and castigate in private. I've had many, MANY issues with a particular publisher I've worked with in the past. But to blog about my issues or send notices to my reader group about them doesn't sit well with me. My business issues are private, as are most of my personal ones. Do you really want to read about my problems/bias toward certain people I work with? Or would you rather just read my work? I doubt very many people out there care whether Marie Harte has any issues with RWA, religion, writing groups, the military, politics, etc. Wouldn't you much rather take a sneak peak at the new Circs I've been toying with? Or the urban fantasy I'm writing?

Just like the actors or actresses I enjoy watching, I don't particularly want to hear about their problems with their agents and production companies, their politics or religious views. I want to watch them act. I have enough on my own plate to take on another person's problems. I feel sorry for the Jackson family, for the Gosselins (Jon and Kate plus 8), and for the myriad entertainment personalities going through public break-ups, but I don't really want to watch those particular trainwrecks.

I'd much rather revel in television and movies, books and magazines. Entertain me, don't depress me. And so last week, going through a stretch myself, I kept mum about my issues. Yes, I did write several blistering messages and posts to get the toxic anger out of my system (and God bless my husband for listening and nodding at appropriate moments), but then I deleted each message and post from my computer. Negativity simply begets more negativity.

Unfortunately for the author I read about, I feel for her, but I also wish she hadn't put her trust in another person who would share her private message so publicly.

To that end, I won't complain about my own work woes (that in the light of today seem so very small :)

Lucky, lucky you

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