Thursday, March 13, 2008

When It Rains...

...It Pours

Well, it's really hit the fan this time. Rumors about publishers invariably hit all the hot spots, to include authors, readers and the rest of the romance community at large. We've seen Mardi Gras, Triskellion, and Venus Press, to name a few, suffer from discontent and eventual demise. Sadly, NCP has hit the discontent meter as well. Let's hope this is all rumbling that can be fixed.

Take a gander and feel free to post, be you an author, readers, editor or agent. And note you can post anonymously in case you're worried about anyone reading your comments. But it's really worth a look. And some of the posts go back a few days, so check them out thoroughly.

Dear Author

Karen Knows Romance

Maya Reynolds

Ellen Ashe

I'd love to post a statement made by NCP, the publisher, but they remain quiet at this time. And sadly, I'm not even sure they're aware, or even care, about so much discontent because they seem very removed from their authors. Well, I guess the future will tell its own tale as we wait and see.

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