Wednesday, March 12, 2008

6 Reasons to Buy an eBookwise e-reader

And no, I'm not getting kickbacks for promoting this reader. I did extensive research before requesting this particular e-reader for a birthday present last year. Man, was it only last year? Now, my only requirement was that I needed it for ebooks, not for emails or organization. That in mind, here are some great reasons to purchase an eBookwise e-reader.

  1. Long *ss battery. Mine lasts 11-13 hours at a recharge and I use it all the time.
  2. It's backlit, and I read at night next to my husband, who is not a fan of the overhead light while sleeping
  3. Low cost, comparatively
  4. It only functions as an e-reader and nothing else. Simple.
  5. Ebookwise is easy to download from and less expensive than other sites
  6. It's the same size as a book and has a great ergonomic handhold
  7. It takes all kinds of formats, and with the EBW librarian, you can convert tons of files
Consider that I'm not afraid of technology, but I like things, as I already mentioned, simple. I only use my phone to make phone calls (oh, okay, and for the occasional snapshot.) It's great to be able to carry a ton of books in one device, especially for travel. So if you're considering purchasing a handy-dandy electronic reading device, consider the eBookwise e-reader.

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