Monday, March 3, 2008

I'm Back!

I spent the weekend in Columbia, SC at the Celebrate Romance conference. I had a blast!!! There were about 60 people there, more readers than writers. We had wonderful discussions about romance, the subgenres within romance, and what readers want. I met a ton of nice people, to include Sherri Lee and Teresa D., a writer for Freya's Bower. And I tried really hard not to sound like an idiot by gushing over Sabrina Jeffries. She signed my copy of Let Sleeping Rogues Lie and was really nice, very down to earth. And she's now #2 on the NYT bestseller, so kudos to her.

Isabo Kelly, who writes for Cerridwen Press, gave a fascinating talk about mythical creatures. And Sara Reyes from Fresh Fiction discussed her book club down in Dallas. Hysterical! Her talk made me want to move down there tomorrow.

All in all, it was a wonderful trip. I even finished editing a manuscript and sent it off, much to my delight. Of course, upon returning, I had to clean my house like a mad woman. I have relatives visiting for the week, and the kids and husband "tried" to help, needless to say, I'm redoing everything before they arrive in a few hours.

So more cleaning and less typing. I'll post some more tomorrow... But I'm glad to be back!

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