Sunday, March 9, 2008

A Flash of Fun

So last night the family watched Flash Gordon, the 1980 cult classic that way back when only pushed me further into the world of scifi and fantasy. Funky colors, Queen tunes and a wonderful plot taken right out of the old Flash Gordon comic books. Football player saves the world...only in America.

I forced the teenagers, I mean, I gently coerced the teenagers into watching it with us. To their surprise they liked it. My little boys loved it too, and it wasn't too gory or violent so that was a plus. It made me remember why I like such over-the-top movies. Great adventure, romance, and the violence isn't so extreme that you have to bar your doors and windows for fear the neighbors will think you're killing someone with those loud screams (as I did when I watched Rob Zombie's remake of Halloween).

Schlocky fun, and a definite "see" if you haven't already. Not to mention, Max Von Sidow plays a wicked Ming, Sam Jones and Timothy Dalton are hot, and the hawkmen rule.

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