Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Here's a story I haven't talked about in a good long while. In 2006, NCP put out to their authors the concept of an anniversary edition anthology. A bunch of of came up with some wonderful stories, and two Phoenix Rising anthologies were born.

In Phoenix Rising I, my contribution is Deception's Calling, an urban fantasy/futuristic type tale revolving around a special detective squad. Detective Summer Amora Michaels is new to Spec Squad, an elite group of psychically gifted police officers within the 54th Precinct. Her squad leader, Lieutenant Drake Nichols, is a no-nonsense, take charge officer who leads with brutal efficiency. He’s also the man she and her partner have nicknamed Hotbod, the man every woman under the age of ninety lusts after, except, of course, for Summer. She’s a professional who lives for the job. Unfortunately, her job and her newly discovered heritage are starting to clash. For Summer is more than a jumper and eavesdropper, she’s also a mythical, very human succubus. When none other than Lt Drake Nichols answers her Calling, misunderstandings and memory lapses abound. But Summer’s not the only one with secrets, and when Drake takes charge in the bedroom, all bets are off.

To read an excerpt, click here.

And don't miss the other stories in this anthology by several talented authors:
Nightshade by Morgana de Winter
Arrested Desires by Michelle M. Pillow
The Wolf of Cnoc Meadha by Sherrill Quinn
Morpheus by Alicia Sparks

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