Thursday, April 5, 2012

Super Secret Thursday: An Unveiling

I could tell you about my project, but then I'd have to kill you...or I could just tell you.

Every year, I try to work on at least one large project I envision being bigger than Harry Potter. (Hey, it's something to strive for.) *grin* So far, I've got an alien romance and a contemporary sitting in slush piles in the Ether. I'm currently working on a Norse YA story, which is way different than most things I write. However, I feel that it's time for my super secret project to come out of the dark. I'm done waiting.

Two years ago at an RWA convention, I came up with an idea (along with help from my friends Cat and Teri), for an Amazon Western. Yes, those two words really do go together.

It's a 90,000 word completed novel. A mix of romance, western, after-the-end-of-the-world, nature, steampunk, and steam--the erotic kind. I've shopped the book around, but though several agents and even a few editors liked the writing, they felt the story wasn't quite right for them or wasn't marketable--too outside the box. Which, interestingly enough, is the reason I fell into epublishing in the first place. My ideas always seem to be outside the box.

Mind you, I wanted to write a typical western romance. I'd even decided I'd seriously research the past. Then my idea for hunky cowboy meets tough western woman fizzled, because my brain flipped and then the world ended, electricity failed, and the west was reborn. Sky rocks fell from--you guessed it--the sky, and the world changed, big time. Yeah, I even restructured North and South America, cause I'm good like that.

So now I have a fully written Amazon Western that's way outside the box. Kind of green too, because it's all about the Nature Laws and protecting the land instead of protecting people. I like that. And then there's an Amazon who kicks serious ass. And men and creatures affected by the Impact Zone who are no longer normal, i.e. carnivorous horses and blood trees. Oh, and a quest to retrieve a stolen crown. It's got a bit of everything adventurous and romantic.

I've waited long enough, over a year in fact. I'll be releasing my super secret project in another week or two. Just an FYI... And here's the cover. So now you know.

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Ayla Ruse said...

For those of us waiting FOREVER, Marie...I guess a couple more weeks is okay. :) Cannot wait to get this one!!