Sunday, April 1, 2012

New Review: OUTFOXED

Courtesy of the Library Journal

Grady Chastell of the Ac-taw pride will pounce on any chance to mate with Gabby Easton, the most sought-after shape-shifter in Cougar Falls, MT. Gabby is a sexy redheaded fox who also happens to be a playful cat. This is a very unusual trait, being able to shift into not only one animal spirit but two. Gabby refuses to give the cocky cat Grady the time of day until she is outsmarted by a very conniving lie that spirals out of control. Some uninvited guests arrive, and trouble follows close behind. Will Gabby give in to her basic animal desires for Grady, or will she cry wolf—or cat?
Verdict Outfoxed is a dramatic soap opera mixed with pure animal magnetism. Add in some heavy petting, and your pulse will elevate and your mouth water for more lusty bedside banter between Gabby and Grady. If you enjoyed Vivian Arend’s Black Gold, then you will also go for this steamy bath-time read by Harte (Closing the Deal).—Leslie Jean Cerkoney, Elk Grove Village, IL

**My only question: What exactly is a bath-time read?**


Anonymous said...

I loved the book! I've been waiting impatiently for this book to come out since Foxy Lady. Grady and Gabby characters were so funny. I just finished re-reading the other Cougar Falls books and I wanted to know if you were going to write anymore books down the line for the Whitefeather brothers?

Marie Harte said...

I'm so glad you liked it! I do have plans for more books. I want to write each of the Whitefeathers, Sean especially. And then there's Gerald and Rafe--who shows up in Right Wolf, Right Time. Miles needs his own story, as do Joy and Quince. Whew. A lot of Shifters to write about. But yes, I do have plans to write about the Whitefeathers...if my publisher will allow it. :)