Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I Wrote That?


My new catch phrase. I just finished doing my final line edits for my next Cougar Falls book, A Matter of Pride. I can't believe I'm up to five already in this series, and I still have so many Shifters I'd like to write about.  But what really struck me about my edits... I had written the story. 

Sounds bizarre, but writers write a lot. I work on many different projects throughout the course of a year. Slower paced writers write and delete and write some more. Rereading what you've written is like looking at a baby that came from your  genes. "I mean, really? That's mine?" you might think.

It was funny reading the story again, because I've already read it a few times since it's been finished. And I keep liking it more and more. This doesn't always happen with my work. Sometimes the first read through is enough to make me want to pull my hair out, and the thought of editing the same thing over and over makes me nauseous. But this particular story has been a trip from start to finish.

And it made me appreciate some of my earlier work. Every now and then when I'm in a rut or I'm just plain bored, I'll reread my earlier stories to see about style, content, or hell, just for the sake of the story. I find that I really like some of my ideas. For example, I'm still gaga over the Circs. Sure, everyone and their mother has jumped on the government conspiracy bandwagon, but my Circs had a camaraderie I really enjoyed, and it made telling their stories cohesive and exciting and sexy. 

I'm not trying to toot my own horn, but I look back on some of what I've written, and it's like reading someone else's work. I wonder if other writers go through that. Or if I'm a wacko for rereading my own stuff. I don't know. I only know it's fun to rediscover myself, and in some ways I grow from seeing the mistakes I used to make and also the things I did right that I might not do as much any more. 

In any case, I'm happy to say my next Cougar Falls book is a winner, hands down. And I'm not just saying that as a writer, but as a reader too. :)  I can't wait to share the cover. It's stellar, I must say. Soon as I get my cue, I'll share. 

A Matter of Pride releases July 24. And that's not so far away, not with May around the corner!  

And now, I'm off to Arizona for fun, sand, and mojitos... I mean, for an educational conference where I'll learn more about writing. Which I will. Totally. With mojitos.  

Enjoy your Tuesday and read a book.

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