Monday, April 23, 2012

Getting Ready for Desert Dreams

Whoa! Not sure if I like this new Blogger format or not. I'm fine with change, but sometimes it takes me a little while to comfortably adjust. :)  Getting ready to head to Arizona for my big Desert Dreams conference. I really look forward to writer conferences, because it's not often I get to talk to other writers in a large forum. Mostly my characters talk to me, and if I talk back, well, that just looks odd.

I'm planning on taking many pictures and hope to share them. So bear with me this week.

On another note, Carrie Ann Ryan and Lia Davis and I all have new releases coming out May 1st. So we're going to do some blog hopping and sharing a giveaway or two. Sounds fun, and something to look for next week. And my buddy Ayla Ruse has some new release news too. Maybe I can convince her to give something away. I'm all about the "free" in freebie. :)

That's my Monday in a nutshell. Now back to the work in progress...

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