Friday, April 27, 2012

Dipping My Toes: Guest Post by Ayla Ruse

The Fires of Beltane ~ What was supposed to be a celebration of life turns into a festival of fear…

Natalie and William meet at an annual springtime festival, where, unknown to the participants, there is someone using the festival to exploit its darker history. This night will test Natalie and William's attraction, but could it also cost them their lives? 

Dipping my toes…where they belong?    

Most writers I know like to explore. Like the curious cat, we try to see how the story will flow if it goes one way as opposed to another. Sometimes, the story will take us in a direction we never saw coming, but it’ll work.

This was the case for me when I wrote The Fires of Beltane, my newest release with Total E-Bound. My curiosity got the better of me in many ways. One, this is an erotic horror story. I love horror and am thrilled because of this alone. And before you ask, yes, erotic and horror go very well together. Think about it: the next time you’re at a horror flick. Would you rather sit and huddle to your lonesome self, or have some handsome guy by your side to help distract you from the more gruesome parts? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

As I wrote The Fires of Beltane, the big curiosity leap for me came in the form of a short f/f scene and a couple, lengthier m/m scenes. I’m not opposed to either (obviously, I wrote ‘em), but this story is the first time I’ve had either published. You know what? I had a great time writing these scenes. Yes, the story is predominately m/f, but let’s face it, the setting is the festival of Beltane. A celebration of fertility, sex, being naked together. In short, a great big orgy.

Did I know I would write same-sex scenes when I started the story? Honestly, no. When my fingers were tapping away at the keyboard, the relationships, the backgrounds, the reasons and whys and why not’s started taking over, and before I knew it, I was inside my hero’s head and he was hot and heavy inside his best friend. It was wild!

But I’d rather give you a taste for yourself. Marie’s warned me not to get too explicit here, so I’ll tease you a little from my website, here.

If you want your own copy, you can pick yours up at Total E-Bound . You can also comment on this post today for a chance to win a PDF copy of this story from me! 

Ayla Ruse


leann said...

Sounds like a book I might need to read! Looking forward to it..:-)a new fan

Tanya H. said...

It sounds pretty intreging (sorry bout spelling:).

Susan W. said...

Sound like an interesting book! I'm a fan of horror and I can see where horror and romance can work together. What is the point of got to a horror show and not having some handsome guy to squeeze when it gots too gory? Thanks for the giveaway!


Debby said...

Sounds like a great book.
debby236 at gmail dot com

Tawania said...

I'm definitely interested, can't wait to check it out .

roxrocks said...

I am always looking for a new author. I will have to check out the new book.

Suzie said...

Thanks for the excerpt. I have seen a few erotic/horror books recently and my curiousity has been piqued. I am looking forward to reading this book!

leann said...

I'm so excited for this book!

sweety said...

Thanks for the international giveaway!!


Ayla Ruse said...

Thank you to everyone who left comments. I do hope you enjoy the story; I had so much fun writing it! *drum roll please* The winner for this contest is roxrocks! Congratulations! You get one PDF copy of The Fires of Beltane. Thanks again everyone, and thank you Marie, for graciously having me on your blog.