Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Power of Three with Ayla Ruse

I don't often have guest bloggers, and it's something I really should do more of. My good friend and fellow author Ayla Ruse has a great post about three that is great food for thought, and a great lead in to a book I've been waiting to read for months! So without further ado...Ayla Ruse.


Three is a very powerful number. Think about it. Almost anywhere you go in life, no matter what your involvements, no matter what your beliefs or feelings, there is some kind of three-ness going on.

First, the number three itself is considered a very stable number. It’s unshakable. It’s the culmination of two previous unsteady numbers. It’s a tightening, a togetherness, a balance, if you will.

Still not sure how much a triad is a part of your life? Check out these little combinations:

Past – Present – Future

Thought – Feeling – Emotion

The Three Wise Monkeys (see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil)

The Three Graces

And this list can go on and on and on.

There is also an abundance of words preceded by the concept of three: tri- , such as triathlon, tripod, tricycle, triangle, and triple, just to list a few. Heck, even the word “few” usually connotes three.

Then, of course, is the word itself added to another to indicate an involvement status.


When you read this word, you automatically expect to see, hear, or at least find about three individuals becoming romantically and/or physically involved. Even the thought of a threesome is titillating and exciting as most of us Jane Doe’s or even John Smith’s aren’t lucky – yes, I do mean lucky – to have experienced such an encounter.

So let’s live vicariously, shall we?

Tomorrow, January 17, 2011, will see the release of my first ever e-book, The Deciding Factor, available through Total E-Bound. I take my own words to heart and make liberal use of the power of three in this story.

Whether Alycia Delaney, the heroine, realizes it or not, she is and has been in an emotional threesome for some time. As her two supporting heroes make their appearances, each will have to find out for themselves, and together, if they have what it takes to prove the stabilizing power of a trio or if they will crumble and fall. They each have their own decisions to make regarding their relationship, but what ultimately makes or breaks their involvement?

I’m thrilled to say that tomorrow you can find the answer to this and many other questions.

Thanks, and Happy Reading!

Ayla Ruse

~Ensnare Yourself in Love~

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