Thursday, January 13, 2011

Do You Really Want to Know? Yes, I do.

Two of my biggest pet peeves are the stupid question, followed by the I don't really want to know question. The stupid question is one where the asker knows the answer even as he is asking it. Example: (I am reading a book by the fireplace.)
Husband (sees me and asks): So, what are you doing?
Me (giving him the "duh" look): Brain surgery, next question?

Then there's the I really don't want to know the answer question. Do I look fat? Am I pretty (because if you have to ask, some big part of you thinks not)? How old do you think I am? etc.

I'm currently holding a contest to determine whether or not there are things I should change on my website. If I didn't want an honest answer, I wouldn't ask the question. Some people like what's there, some don't. I'm interested in all of it;. What works and why, what doesn't and why not. Personally, I can't stand websites that have music, or ones that have fancy font I can barely read or pictures that flash. I'm trying to make my site better, but I think it's okay as it is. Okay, not great. See the difference? I've received some helpful comments.

Several people would like excerpts or blurbs of books that don't take them to another website. Others want to see a real picture of me on the bio page. For the record, that chick posted there is NOT me. She has a tail and has devoured many men, as there are skulls and bones by her feet. I just liked her picture, and she does look kind of like me, if I was an anime character. See picture, left.

On another note, the other day I asked a question online about writing another book. It's not so fans of the Circs could gush (ah, not that any really do) about the series and beg, "Please, please, Marie, write another book or I'll kill myself." It's just that sometimes enough of a good thing, is, well, enough. The series ran on for two four-book segments, period. End of story, right? Grayson's the only Circ left hanging, and I just wondered if there would be any interest in my writing a story for him. Why the interest on my end? Because without Grayson, Gunnar's Game might not see print.

I don't want to get bogged down in print versus ebook. I'm quite happy if my books stay electronic and electronic only. But since the first two Dawn Endeavor stories are in print, and there are tentative plans for a third, I'd hate to break the series for Gunnar's Game, which is too short to stand on its own (in print.)

I happily welcome comments from readers done with the series, as well as those who would like it to continue. I just thought I'd ask to see what readers wanted. So yes, I do want to know some truths, or I wouldn't have asked. Smart answers for smart questions asked. And that's my two cents for the day.

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Cara Bristol said...

I'm too late for your contest! But I do like your website. I like the cleanness of it. It's easy to read and navigate. It's attractive. I, too, dislike music in websites and's one of the sure ways to chase me away. Your blogs are short and easy to read. Nice.

I added a link to your blog on my blog!