Monday, January 3, 2011

Just Another Manic Monday...

I am so not 2011 by naming this post a title from a 1986 Bangles song--and yes, I did have to look that information up. (For some reason I was thinking Belinda Carlisle.) For a treat, keep reading until you get to the video below.

I'm finally back to work. YIPPEE! Granted, the kiddos don't go back to school until tomorrow, but I've been working on final edits for a story releasing in February and I'm flush full of ideas for my current WIP, which I plan to have finished in the next two weeks.

I do much better with deadlines and a busy schedule than playing it fast and loose with a whenever time frame. Yeah, sometimes discipline is not my friend.

But in the interests of sharing, I wanted to comment on one thing a friend sent me today--scary info about a new electronic publishing house opening for submissions. I won't mention the house, because I wouldn't advise an aspiring or even seasoned author to sub there. They specifically ask for only polished manuscripts, because content editing will not be a factor at this new house. They will only consider minor grammatical changes. And right there, the STAY AWAY WARNING WARNING flag was raised.

As a reader, I want an edited story. I've read enough that were supposedly edited to know that editing is a necessity in a work of fiction. And for any author to think they're so good they're beyond edits it just crazy talk. That and ego, no doubt. In fact, lack of editing is one of the chief complaints many readers have with the new trend in Indie publishing. Authors don't have anyone else look at their work before deeming it perfect and publishable. But that's another discussion saved for another day. (I'm neither for nor against Indie publishing. I'm curiously neutral.)

I've been with a publishing house that started out normal and grew into a place that refused to edit. Their customers complained, the authors complained, and by the droves, we left as soon as we were legally able.

Bottom line. I'm an avid reader and writer. And if you think you're too good to have your work thoroughly edited, one, you're not, and two, you're an idiot.

My two cents on this wonderfully chilled Monday. Enjoy the music video, if you dare. I've gotta go grab some coffee.

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Ayla Ruse said...

Definitely agree with you on this one! Thanks, too, for the vid. :)