Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Beep, Beep!

Beep Beep! School is FINALLY back in session. After my personal hell trying to wake up the 7- and 5-year-old and get them moving, I fed them, packed them up, and watched them eventually smile and laugh as they boarded the school bus. Meanwhile, I was bursting with glee. I love my little monsters, but hey, I have work to do!

After a fast mile and a half walk in the brisk wind, I came back, showered, ate breakfast, and made coffee. Now, after whittling through emails and a new contract, I'm sipping coffee and getting ready to get back to work on RetroCog--my erotic, psychic who-dunnit. So far so good!

And on the contract note, I'm happy to announce Samhain will be publishing Storming His Heart, the second in my Westlake Enterprises series. More psychics, more sex, more humor. I wrote the Westlake trilogy five years ago and have since rewritten the darn books so many times my eyes hurt from looking at all the changes. I'm hoping to have the third book to my new editor at Samhain sometime in June, if I'm lucky.

And now back to a little town called Brownville, where two lovers are about to cross paths with a killer. What fun!

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