Saturday, November 6, 2010

Release Date Update

Kate Undone, a book set in the Voider world, will be out from Ellora's Cave on December 1st!

Here's the blurb.
In the year 2078, Cross Step is home to strange portals called Voids, and species who’ve come through are now a part of everyday society. Humans mistakenly compare Ravagers to werewolves, but Ravagers are so much more than myth. They’re real, and they’re here to stay.

Kate Savage should be the happiest Ravager on the planet. She finally has the two males she’s been lusting after for years. But her mates don’t seem to want her. To make matters worse, she’s in her first heat. But when she wakes up in a hotel room, tied up and confronted with two angry mates who feel wronged and abandoned, things really fire up.

Logan and Jesse are tired of tradition and waiting on Kate. They’ve decided to claim her themselves, and to finally get the stubborn female to see what’s in front of her. Love, lust and danger combine to make Kate’s heat the hottest thing ever. If the three of them have the courage to put their hearts on the line, they’ll have that happily-ever-after yet.

To read an excerpt, click here.


Ayla Ruse said...

Congratulations on your second EC release! Looking forward to reading it.

Marie Harte said...

Thanks, Ayla! I look forward to seeing the cover...