Friday, November 12, 2010

Dawn Endeavor In Print: NOW!!!

It arrived! My author copies of Dawn Endeavor: THE CIRCS are here, at my house, in my greedy little hands! The excitement, the joy, the pretty, pretty books!

This volume is big. It contains Fallon's Flame and Hayashi's Hero, the first two books in the Dawn Endeavor series. I can only hope this means books 3 and 4, Julian's Jeopardy and the recently released Gunnar's Game, will also soon be available in print.

I'm thinking up a contest to give away a copy. So give me some time and I'll make it a good one.

Happy Friday! And to read more about this book, click here (you'll be directed to the Amazon link.)

Contains the books Fallon's Flame and Hayashi's Hero.

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