Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Number 3

I remember back before ménage was popular within the romance reading community. What was once taboo has now become almost the norm when it comes to erotic romance. There's nothing unusual reading about three people having sex, though the trend seems to be partnering (for women readers) two men and one woman, as opposed to those X-rated movies featuring two women and one man.

But even more today, as societal climes change, the whole m/f/m story, in which both men pleasure the female but never touch each other, is being replaced more and more with m/m/f, a true menage in the sense that all partners touch one another. Man on woman and man on man.

I've always been drawn to stories featuring full threesomes, in which every partner shares with the other. How can you conceive of two men with one woman never rubbing body parts and getting excited? Physically at least, there will be some stimulation. And if you want to get graphic about how two tab Bs really fit one woman's slot A and slot A+, both tab Bs are going to have to touch at some point if all three people are moving. (Watch a movie and see if you don't believe me.)

But I admit I enjoy m/m romance, so I may be biased. To many women, the fantasy of strong men being intimate with each other is enthralling. Honestly, how often do men open up and share in real life? Now imagine doubling that and throwing in some steamy interludes. And even better, throw in a woman to muck up the whole affair and bring femininity to the relationship.

I'm currently working on a title for Loose Id called The Lost Locket, and it involves two men and one woman. It's an all out threesome, m/m/f, where everyone's into everyone else. I am loving that dynamic and just thought I'd share the idea with you.

One more day to the weekend. Enjoy, you're almost there...

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Ayla Ruse said...

I love how you write that to throw in a woman mucks up the whole affair. That can be so true, can't it? lol. It's fantastic! :) I can't wait to read the finished results to see how she mucks them up and then (I'm guessing?) makes it all better.