Sunday, October 17, 2010

The New Keyboard

I've been having some major mouse issues lately. Not the mammal kind, the electronic kind. My cursor kept disappearing and sticking, and I'd changed batteries twice to be sure. I'm used to troubleshooting, and after some more sniffing around the problem, came to a sad realization.

It was time for the mouse and keyboard to go.

Heck, the letters on many of my keys were no longer visible, which isn't a big deal to me, but it would be confusing to anyone who DARED put finger on my computer. And none of my hotkeys worked, even after I'd programmed them many, many times.

I bit the bullet and purchased this handy dandy wireless keyboard and mouse set. The keys are extra quiet. Oooh. And it's curved and has a nice palm rest. Aaaah. And that cute little mouse...the little wheel is so smooth. It doesn't skitter around when I use it.

I feel like I just had my very own Christmas come early. Hurray for Microsoft. And yes, I really do mean that. Now I have a terrific incentive to type a lot tomorrow. Got to break in the new keyboard. Yeah.

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