Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wednesday Words: Sexy Saturnalia

Ready to light up your Wednesday? How about an excerpt from a sexy story about Roman gods reborn? Check out this excerpt from Saturnalia: Lord of Misrule (Loose Id). And this one is definitely adult-rated.

Each year, Saturn requires special tribute, and he prefers abundance in sexual favor, suitable "sacrifice" for the god of nature and the harvest.Matteo Silvano and Renato Fortuna are up to the task, both charged with continuing their town's prosperity. Used to sharing women, the two are drawn toward something deeper than friendship with the addition of uniquely lovely Allegra Valente.
And when the proper tribute is paid, Saturn will reward not only the town, but Matt, Renato, and Allegra with a very special gift that will last an eternity.


“Matteo?” Renato said quietly.

Matt turned to face him and saw a familiar gleam in his friend’s eyes. Shit. Not now. It was all he could do to hold on. He couldn’t deal with Renato’s lust, too.

“Don’t start, Rene.”

“Come here.”

Matt frowned. “This isn’t a good idea. We need all the time we can get with her before tomorrow. Because ‑‑”

Rene cut off his next words with a hard grab. In two seconds, the large man had his hand down Matt’s pants and wrapped around his cock.

“Rene,” he growled, not in the mood to play games of dominance with his best friend and sometime lover. He was hard enough from Allegra, he didn’t need Rene adding to his frustration.

Then Rene moved closer, and Matt felt his friend’s erection through the silk of their trousers, which made it worse. Knowing he wasn’t the only one affected made it that much harder to hold onto his tenuous control.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Matt whispered furiously, conscious the door behind them could open any minute. Yet he couldn’t resist the large palm molding him, and he pressed deeper into Rene’s grasp.

“You, my friend, need ease. The little witch in there is too tempting, yes?” Rene began pumping, and Matt gave a silent groan at how good the motion felt. “She tempts me as well.” Rene thrust against Matt’s thigh, clearly aroused. “We must focus on the festival. If we move too soon, we’ll lose it all.”

Matt nodded, his mind barely making sense of anything while Rene had his cock imprisoned in that heavenly grip. Sweat beaded on his forehead as Rene pushed Matt’s trousers and underwear down to his knees.

“But what if they ‑‑”

“No one will enter. They don’t wish to displease Saturn.” Rene smiled, his gaze suddenly fathomless, his grin carnal. And Matt was once again reminded that as well as he thought he knew his friend, there were depths to Rene that awed him. “Nor do you. Now spread your legs wider.”

Matt did as ordered, his balls tight, his cock aching, needing more. Rene didn’t disappoint. Licking his finger, he reached around Matt and pried between the cheeks of his ass.

Hissing with pleasure, Matt widened his stance, as much as he was able to with his pants around his knees. Uncomfortable yet sexually frenzied, he couldn’t help moaning his desire.

Rene took away his sounds with a swift kiss. And as he penetrated Matt’s mouth with his tongue, he also thrust his finger into Matt’s ass. Matt shuddered, his cock creaming as Rene increased the urgency of his strokes. Like an inferno, Matt’s lust roared uncontrollably, and in moments he was ready to spew.

He broke from Rene’s mouth, panting. “I’m going to come hard.”

Rene quickly withdrew his finger from Matt’s ass and grabbed a handkerchief from his pocket. Focused now on Matt’s cock, he continued to jerk him off while sucking Matt’s tongue with an efficiency bordering on madness. Visions of Allegra between them suddenly appeared in Matt’s mind’s eye, and Rene groaned into his mouth, as if seeing them as well.

Matt felt the explosion start at the base of his spine and work through his balls as his cum jetted into the handkerchief Rene held. On and on he pulsed, his body frozen in the little death that was so incredibly powerful. It felt like forever before he could catch his breath. With shaky hands, he righted his clothing and watched Rene stuff the dirtied cloth into his pant pocket, the action clearly outlying the massive erection straining his trousers.

Shit. Matt knew what came next, but the need inside him to dominate was subdued again as Rene smirked and unbuttoned his pants. The zipper slid slowly down, the sound loud in the quiet stillness of the study. Matt watched helplessly as Rene took out his smooth, golden shaft, moist with arousal.


Charity said...

Added to my must read list...HOT!!

Marie Harte said...

Yeah, I'd forgotten about this one, Charity. It's a fun, sexy short. :)