Monday, September 24, 2012

No Cavities, Ma!

So I visited the dentist today. No cavities! Hurray. Now I can "sink my teeth" into the deadlines I've roughly set for myself that I've stretched wide all over the place. (Gotta love that segue, right?)

I just don't understand why I'm dragging my feet on my current project, as it's exciting and different than anything I've done before. A YA story for fun, done in 1st person POV (Point of View). And man, is that way different than writing in 3rd person POV. You have to come up with a lot of creative ways to get around "I."
Example: 1st POV-- I fought the urge to shiver, because he kept staring at my neck like he hadn't eaten for weeks.
3rd POV--(from his point of view) She shivered, because he kept staring at her neck as if he hadn't eaten for weeks. And he hadn't, because he'd been waiting to nibble on her...
I. I. I. It's everywhere in my YA novel. And my characterization is also limited because all that delicious backstory and other character thought, which adds dimension, isn't there. My heroine can't know what the hero thinks, or why the gods have done what they did, or how the berserkers found her--not unless she risks certain death to ask them.

So providing information is a challenge.

I've got another week before I hit Killer Thoughts, the last in my PowerUp! series, and then Love in Electric Blue, the third in my Westlake Enterprises books (for Samhain). And good news... I just signed a contract for another shifter book! When the deal's officially sealed, as in, I have a copy of my contract signed from both parties, I'll share more. Until then, fingers crossed I get this project done within the next week.

Well what do you know? It's not a crappy Monday. That's three in a row! Woo hoo, and it's a Wicked Wolf Coffee day. Maybe that's part of my joy.


Charity said...

The POV sounds interesting. I imagine it must be VERY hard to convey parts of the storyline. I look forward to reading it! Good luck!

Marie Harte said...

:) Thanks, Charity. It's slow going, but fun.