Monday, September 10, 2012

Great Monday

Really great Monday. And that's even before the coffee!! 

I received a new contract and am back at work after taking a week off to revitalize my sorry brain. Note: It's a Deadman's Reach coffee week. I'm telling you, Raven's Brew is my absolute favorite coffee. Followed closely by La Llave. I like to share good blends, and those places rock.


Diana Mcc. said...

Sorry brain? Really? I don't think so. A new contract, that's so awesome! You are one prolific writer. Sigh! I barely got four pages out today. Your new coffees sound wonderful! H-m-m maybe that's what I need, Coffee.

Marie Harte said...

Actually, it's a very sorry brain when I stay up too late reading! I've taken my time off and now I need to hop back to work. You've gotten work done, now I have to take a page from YOUR book and do the same! And when the heck are we meeting for coffee again?