Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Late Wednesday Words

Whoops. I missed yesterday. Was in a mental fog I've thankfully broken free from. So here's a steamy excerpt to heat up the start to your weekend, a scene from Namesake. (Note: It's rough and forceful, nothing gentle about this scene. But it's part of the pack way of doing things, and the female is always treasured above all else in Ravager existence.)

Hell.” Sean launched himself at Eric, taking the offensive. “Vicki, get out of here!” Before Sean could touch Eric, Jesse and Logan tackled him to the ground.
“No way.” Vicki stepped forward to help when rough arms grabbed her from behind. She squirmed but couldn’t break free, not even when she tried to tap into the male’s energy, which she found blocked.
“She’s strong, we’ll need to hurry,” Dominic rasped.
Eric nodded then motioned to someone behind him. Two women raced in. Both were tall and toned, with long dark hair and glittering eyes. The bustier of the two smiled, showing sharp white teeth.
“Sean, I missed you, baby. I guess when you said you’d be back, you meant later tomorrow, hmm?”
Sean cursed and bucked under Jesse and Logan.
“He’s a fighter, like her,” Jesse said and shoved his elbow into Sean’s gut, knocking the wind from his sails.
“Cut it out,” Vicki yelled. She used everything in her to shove Dominic back. The Ravagers had prepared well for this meeting. It was all she could do to move the blond giant.
He slammed against the wall while she raced toward Sean. Before she could reach him, Eric intercepted her. His arms were like steel.
“Let me go,” she demanded, breathing hard.
“Still fighting. I like that. And so pretty,” he said thickly.
“Eric, let me go!” She threw her all into the effort, but weakened from Dominic and from whatever Eric was doing to block her, she tired quickly.
Sean continued to fight while one of the females, Diana or Kate, ripped his shirt off with sharp nails. She yanked one of the bandages off him and bit over the last imprint one of them had left.
“Get off him!” Vicki panted as she tried in vain to reach Sean. That bite. The Ravager was marking her cousin. Not good.
Sean groaned, pulled the woman closer and forced her to kiss him on the mouth. The fight went out of him and the kiss turned embarrassingly carnal.
“Your turn,” Eric promised.
They’ll own you. Sean’s words echoed in her mind. With a last effort, she kicked with her foot and mind as hard as she could.
Eric hissed in pain and doubled over. He lifted his head, retribution glowing like coals in his gaze. He slowly straightened, backing her toward the wall.
Dominic had the back door blocked. Sean and the women lay between Vicki and the front door, and Jesse and Logan were regaining their feet. With no option left, Vicki darted for the stairs. She ran as fast as she could, hoping to lock herself in the bedroom and leave through the fire escape outside her window. Harsh breath on her neck warned her she hadn’t been fast enough.
In seconds, a hard body slammed her belly-down onto the bed. Claws shredded her shirt and sharp teeth pierced the juncture of her throat and shoulder. The pain stung, but not as sweetly as the drugging pleasure lighting up her entire body.
His scent told her it was Eric. Raw sex and a sultry, alluring perfume colored the area, made more intense the harder he sucked at the base of her neck.
In seconds she grew wet and her body flushed with desire. She squirmed to feel his erection against her ass. He reached around to cup her breast and she moaned, caught in his web.
“You belong to the prime,” Dominic rasped.
“Let’s pick up where we left off,” Logan said on a chuckle. “Vicki, wet and wanting, waiting on hard Ravager cock.”
Eric finally released her neck. He stripped her bare in seconds, his claws slicing up her clothes without scratching her once. He sucked in a breath. “That ass is mine.”
No one objected.
“And that pussy is mine. You’re mine, Victoria Fox. All of you.”
“Prime’s,” Logan said.
“Prime’s,” Jesse agreed.
“Make her pack, Prime.” Dominic had the final word.
Eric propped her up on her hands and knees. “Don’t move.”
Her legs felt like jelly, but she couldn’t have disobeyed even if she wanted to. She couldn’t understand how, but their energy grew, changing. No longer four separate beings, they felt like one entity. And all of it wanted her.
Eric shoved a finger inside her without warning. She groaned as his digit slid in, thick and intrusive, yet without encumbrance. She was so damn wet.
Staring down at her midnight blue comforter, she couldn’t see Eric. She could only feel him as he nudged her knees apart with his naked thigh. He seemed so solid, so powerful behind her. She’d never in her life felt weak, but next to him and the others, she felt vulnerable as she bent before him.
The fighter in her stirred. She tried to shift away but Eric stopped her by imprisoning her hips, holding her still. He groaned. “That’s it. Don’t give in, not yet.” He teased her with the tip of his cock, thick and solid, as he began to enter her. “This is going to feel so damn good.”
“Too bad it’s going to have to wait,” Dominic growled. “We’ve got company.”
Jesse and Logan swore. Eric shuddered behind her and continued to push until he was balls-deep. They remained locked for a moment, the carnal intensity between them palpable.
“Prime?” Dominic said softly.
Fuck.” Eric slowly withdrew and pulled Vicki to her feet, his arm around her belly as he clasped her back to his chest.
Vicki had a hard time understanding what had happened. Her body was on fire, needing him in the worst way, while her mind shrieked at her to escape. She made another halfhearted attempt to break free.
“I’m going to kill the assholes interrupting this.” Eric pushed her hair aside and bit hard.

Namesake, by Marie Harte


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Oh this one sounds good too! Another to the must read list!

Marie Harte said...

:) Enjoy.