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Wednesday Words: KATE UNDONE

I thought I'd share a really fun novella with you, since I shared Namesake last week. Kate Undone is the second in my Voider Possession series, though I've been admittedly slow in following up with book 3. (Tommy Chen's story is coming...slowly, but it's coming. sigh A good bit more of him is seen in this story, FYI.) In any case, Kate Undone is a stand-alone m/m/f novella where anything and everything goes. If this doesn't heat up your Wednesday, nothing will. 

OF NOTE: This is a m/m scene between the heroes Logan and Jesse, who are part of a Ravager pack. Ravagers are like werewolves, except extremely sexual. Enjoy. :)


Jesse glared at Logan and shoved the rest of his clothes in a bag. “Fuck you. I’m tired of waiting.”

“So am I, but this is how it’s done.” Logan glared right back at him and shoved a hank of dark brown hair out of his face. His bright amber eyes glowed with resentment. “You think I like waiting on her to claim me? Fuck, Jesse. I want Kate as much as you do, but she won’t come to me.”

“Why?” Jesse had to know. He’d been taken with the stubborn female since the day she’d been brought into Eric’s pack. At first he’d cared for her like a big brother. But as they’d both matured, he’d sensed the possibility that she’d make a fine mate. Problem was, a Ravager female ruled her family unit—her pack. As much as he wanted her, he couldn’t claim a revered female.

He’d thought his dreams had finally come true when Kate publicly announced their claim in front of the clan. But for some reason she wouldn’t make the first move to seal their mating bond.

Logan sighed. “I wish I knew why she won’t accept us. At first I thought it was because she didn’t like us together, you know.” He and Jesse fucked daily. Ravagers needed sex, and Jesse and Logan shared a bond that went beyond clanmates or even packmates. They fit with each other. Deeply, truly, but there was still a hole only Kate could fill.

“Then I thought it might be Vicki. Kate doesn’t seem to like her, and well, we did help Eric mark her.”

Jesse remembered the occasion with fondness, when he and Logan had helped mark the prime’s new queen, folding her into Eric’s pack. “I don’t see where she’d have cause for concern. Hell, she helped Diana mark Sean, and I’m okay with it.”

Kate had fucked Sean, and he wasn’t okay with it. But Ravagers didn’t do jealousy. As sexual as they were, sharing partners, even sometimes among mates, happened.
Logan frowned. “I don’t like thinking about her with anyone else.”

Surprised Logan experienced the same pangs of envy Jesse did, he felt better about the odd feelings he refused to admit. “Your idea to give her space isn’t working.”

“Tell me something I don’t know.” Logan huffed and dropped into the thick chair by Jesse’s bed. “Seriously, what’s with the packing?” He nodded to Jesse’s bag.

“I’m done waiting. I don’t care about mating tradition. Isn’t it Prime’s idea that we try to fit in better with the Norms? The men around here take what they want. I’m taking Kate.”

Logan sat up. “What?”

“You heard me. I’m tired, I’m horny and I miss her.”

“How do you think I feel?”

“Who the hell knows?” Jesse considered his best friend. Logan still laughed and teased. The lighthearted member of their little family never let anything keep him down.

“I fucking miss her as much as you do, asshole. Just because I try to keep a positive attitude about things doesn’t mean I don’t care. One of us has to be upbeat.”

“What does that mean?”

“You walk around all day moping and pining. Yeah, I said pining.” At Jesse’s look, Logan shrugged. “Vicki’s word, not mine. But it still fits. You’re a brooding pain in my ass, and I can only take so much of your negativity.”

That hurt, but Jesse wasn’t going to stick around to defend himself. He wanted Kate back, and by damn, he was going to get her. “I’m outta here.”

Logan shot out of the chair and knocked Jesse to the ground. The minute his friend brushed against him, his cock hardened like stone. Logan tried to force him into submission, but Jesse didn’t like to be topped. Instead, he grappled with the idiot until he pinned Logan under him.

Logan’s eyes flashed with heat. “That bulge in your pants is hard to miss.”

“Back at you,” Jesse panted. He licked his lips, aching for release. “I thought we agreed we’d wait until we had her with us.”

Logan groaned when Jesse shifted his weight. “We’re waiting. No sex. But dammit, you keep moving like that and I’ll come in my pants. Stop,” he barked when Jesse intentionally rocked against him.

“Tsk, tsk. Have some control, pup.”

“You’re a shithead, you know that?” Logan groaned when Jesse leaned up on his elbows and ground his pelvis against him. “Fuck. I said stop,” he rasped even as he arched up, increasing the friction.

Jesse could take pain. His early years had been nothing but fighting, holding on to survive amidst the chaos and ferocity of Ravager life in their homeworld. But Logan hadn’t known the savagery of the slums. He’d been raised in a caring pack before escaping sure death into the Voids. He knew a gentler way of life, though he hated being reminded of it. And though he’d never admit it, Logan needed sex more than most Ravagers. Going without was hurting him needlessly. No reason Logan should suffer just because Kate was being so stubborn.

Jesse sat up and straddled Logan’s thighs. He unbuttoned Logan’s jeans and slowly pulled down his zipper.

“Jesse, man, we agreed not to—”

“Shut up.” Jesse watched Logan’s cock spring up the moment the fabric parted. His ruddy cockhead leaked at the tip, and the darkened shaft blushed with arousal. Scooting back so he could lower those jeans, Jesse pulled them down and made sure to free Logan’s heavy sac.

Logan groaned. “Oh man, I’m so fucking hard.”

Jesse salivated at the sight and scent of his packmate. Kate’s pack, he reminded himself. And in her absence, he’d take care of their mate as he saw fit. “She should be doing this.”

Before Logan could agree, Jesse lowered his head and took Logan deep, all the way to the back of his throat. His mate bucked and cried out, then grasped Jesse’s hair as he jerked and tried to move deeper.

“Need you so bad,” Logan panted and ground against Jesse’s lips. Two more short pumps and he came hard, jetting down Jesse’s throat.

Logan’s throaty cries made it hard to resist his own orgasm, but Jesse deserved the painful frustration. If he’d taken care of Kate the way he’d wanted to, they could have avoided this mess. But no, he’d tried to respect Kate’s wishes. Hell, he’d gone so far as to take Logan’s advice. And he knew better.

“Oh my God. Jesse,” Logan breathed. “Man, that was so fucking good. Thanks.”
Jesse pulled away, kissed Logan’s still semi-hard cock and tucked him back into his jeans. 

“You needed that.” He stood stiffly and adjusted himself.

“Looks like you need it too.”

“I’ll wait.”

Logan’s eyes narrowed. “Then what the hell was this all about? Still trying to protect me, the weakest member of the pack? That’s bullshit and you know it. You may be an inch taller, but I can outrun you any day of the week.”

“Whatever, Logan.”

“No, not whatever. Look, I need sex and touch. So do you. We’re fucking Ravagers. And even though you’d rather be tortured than admit it, you need affection just as much. Wanting to belong doesn’t make me weak, and denying it doesn’t make you strong.”

“Hell no. We’re not getting into this now. Not when we have Kate to save. You want her? Then get your ass in gear. It’s past time to claim Kate for our own.”

“Don’t think we won’t talk about this later.” Logan stood on shaky legs and straightened his clothes. He pulled his shoulder-length hair free of his shirt and readjusted a few buttons. “Shit. You mean it about going after Kate?” Cautious excitement replaced Logan’s annoyance. “What about Prime?”

“What about him? Eric has the clan to worry about. Besides, he’s busy with Vicki, Dom and Malcolm. Kate’s ours, Logan. It’s time we showed her that, once and for all.”

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