Monday, August 22, 2011

Who's Right? I Am.

Another Monday. So last night I dreamed that my brand new car was smashed. Let's hope that's not a euphemism for my latest WIP going down the drain.

I like to have a lot of things going on at once, and while I'm working on a current project, I'm also constantly dealing with ideas on something new, because my muse is a busy guy. Those I tuck into my pending file on my computer. While that's brewing, I have another big, completed project out there floating through agent land.

It's an interesting process. In the old days I would have been floored every time I heard the word--or should I say form letter :)--NO. Now I take it with a grain of salt. This project I've done works. It's fun, and it's damn good. I know it. I feel it. So if it doesn't gel with a particular agent, that's okay, because that's not the best person to represent my work. Honestly? I'm the best person to represent it, because I believe in it.

The great and awful thing about being a writer is having the belief in yourself--your writing--constantly questioned. Since writing is such a subjective thing, it's hard to know who's right, if anyone really is. What I think is terrific another thinks is so-so, while yet another person wants to change it all into something else. So I'm sticking with the story I wrote. I'm open to criticism, of course, and the story has already gone through a major revision and massive edits. But the characters speak to me, and I'm going to continue speaking for them. Once I settle this first book, there are three more, and a novella or two, to come.

My fingers are crossed that I can share this at some point in the near future. Ack. I hate waiting. Almost as much as I hate Mondays.

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