Saturday, August 20, 2011

Same Author: Different Story

I wrote both of these stories. So you might expect the same tone, as the themes are similar. Both stories are about shapeshifters, though Namesake clearly states it's polyamorous in nature--three heroes, one heroine. And the love is flowing among partners.

Yet the books are very different. Namesake is a sexy take on the future where beings from alternate worlds arrive on Earth and stay. Ravagers, in particular, are shapeshifers who need a lot of sex. The series is darker in tone, sexy, and more serious than my Cougar Falls books.

In Foxy Lady, a Cougar Falls story, there are shapeshifters who are part of everyday society, though their natures are hidden from typical humans. The books are light-hearted, not full of angst, and not too serious. I envisioned a town I'd want to live in, kind of Mayberry with Shifters and clan drama thrown in for fun and funny situations.

Both are shapeshifter stories, but both are very different reads. Same author, different stories. And just wait until my next book releases in November... Another shapeshifter story, more serious, sexy, and dark. Not Ravagers or Ac-taw Shifers (Cougar Falls) but Circs--miltary experiments. Just more shapeshifters to love.


Rowena Rush said...

First of all, those are amazing covers! Your publisher has done an awesome job! :D

I haven't yet read your books, but I think I will order a few here soon...

Best wishes,

Marie Harte said...

I did luck out with the covers. :) Thanks Rowena. Just remember, similar themes, different tones. You want darker? Go Namesake. Lighter? Go Cougar Falls. :) And I didn't mention my Circs. They're more serious, more action, and all over friendly. :)