Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Can There Be Too Many?

It used to be, ménage was risqué. But it's become so commonplace in erotic romance that half the time it's a given one woman will have two lovers at some point in the story, even if she only ends up with one hero.

Lately though, I'm reading a lot of stories about one woman with many heroes--3 or more men. (As if one wasn't enough, right? *grin*) But I'm intrigued at what I see as a growing trend, because many of these stories aren't set in future or alternate worlds where the norm is many men, one woman. The polyamorous romances I'm seeing are contemporary, set in today's times and set against today's values. In many of these stories, a woman falls in with a group who don't mind sharing, and the multitude makes it permanent.

I don't know how I feel about that. On the one hand, if the writing is good, I can handle the many partners. But on the other, at some point, my disbelief overcomes my enjoyment of the story, especially if all the pleasure is centered around the woman. I mean, come on, all the guys are patiently waiting their turn for their special time? Or they're afraid to touch because that might come across as gay? Seriously? More than one dude, I'm thinking some body parts will have to touch, won't they? Unless they are getting intimate via a computer and 1000 miles between them. And if the group is as highly physical as they often are, won't the woman eventually get a headache? Because even if she makes all there of them super happy, and she's super happy, when they're raring to go again, she's gotta get tired, because she's the only one consistently busy.

I'm not against polyamory at all. I just wonder if I'm the only one questioning why this trend seems to be so hot right now. And if you doubt me, take a look at Siren Bookstrand's recent bestsellers, or Samhain's, or Ellora's Cave's... Should I go on?

To show I DO enjoy them, however, I'll list a few of my favorites:

Colter's Woman by Maya Banks
Just Right by Bronwyn Green
Namesake by Marie Harte [Oh, come on, you know I had to throw this one in here.]

Your thoughts?


Anonymous said...

Yes, there can be too many. Especially in a contemporary setting.

Jan said...

To tell you the truth, that is why I am sticking to my true favorites who write a good menage but believable. Besides I like when all three have a relationship with each other which yours usually do.

Marie Harte said...

Yeah, the contemps and so many partners strains my credulity.

Marie Harte said...

Me too, Jan. Of course, I'm all for free love. :) Just makes sense to me with so many limbs and body parts in bed, it's economical to share. *grin*