Sunday, August 14, 2011


Sorry I've been so absent lately. This has been a very busy summer for me, and I've spent the past month preparing to move, which has been a HUGE time drain. But now I'm here in Oregon, where the weather is fabulous, the humidity way less than I'm used to, and the mountains are screaming at me to come on out and join them.

I'm still waiting for the myriad boxes I mailed myself to arrive (yeah, the move is coming in bits and pieces until the whole of it is here), to include my computer and precious keyboard. So I continue to use my laptop for everything. But at least I have my trusty dictionary, thesaurus, and CMOS (Chicago Manual of Style) for company. But I'm still waiting on my coffee cup to arrive. Hey, some things I just can't do without.

But after much traveling back and forth between coasts and a hectic summer, I'm winding down to normalcy. Now I just have to find a car and I'm set. :)

More tomorrow, when I'm "back" again.


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