Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Another release day! Today, THE LOST LOCKET releases from Loose Id. It's the first in a loosely tied series, about a bunch of psychics who run into trouble, and love, working private investigations. This book is a m/m/f story, about two characters introduced in Gunnar's Game. (And note, there's a good bit of m/m before the m/f comes in.) Keegan Price and James Foreman are a fun pair who find love and a lot more when they set out to recover a lost locket.

BLURB=Ex-PWP agent Keegan Price likes beer, sex, and relaxing after a hard day’s work. He’s looking forward to exercising his telekinetic skills on a real case. Finding a lost locket seems almost too easy, but hey, it’s a job away from the civilian world. When James Foreman tags along, so much the better. Foreman’s a wiseass who loves a good time, and his ability to manipulate fire with a snap comes in handy. Keegan knows they’re overqualified for this simple retrieval, but he figures he and James have earned a working vacation after spending so many hours in that damned gym. Except the case turns out to be anything but simple. The locket’s a weapon, he and James can’t take their eyes off the woman wearing it, and their spiraling sexual attraction for each other and her makes for one hell of a ride.

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Carrie Ann Ryan said...

Just downloaded... I know you are super excited about this "series" so I can't wait to dive in!

Carrie Ann Ryan said...

Oh my! This world of yours is amazing! No wonder you were so excited to show it off. I love your work but this is now one of the top faves. This new POWERUP! series is going to rock and I will let others know it!

Congrats on your new release(s)!

Marie Harte said...

Thanks so much, Carrie! I was rereading it the other day, to make sure I didn't miss anything, and I started liking the story all over again. Sometimes, during edits, the story just gets old. (After like the 14th time in a week!) But I love the interaction between the three main characters. Now I'm working on Noah's story, the second in the series, and I'm having a blast. I guess that's a good thing. :)

Carrie Ann Ryan said...

Did we meet Noah before? You introduced so many guys (and the one girl) that I feel as though you have a deep vat of hunky men to write about!

Marie Harte said...

Yep. Noah is one of the psychics. He reads the past, which comes in handy when he's on the trail of a stolen painting in an old mining town in the next book. :) He was only briefly mentioned in this book, though.