Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Grin and Bear It

Grin and Bear It is the name of my new coffee brew. I've tried all the other non-organic brands of Raven's Brew, and I just really like them. Not too acidic, and not burnt, the beans are smooth. So far Wicked Wolf is my favorite. And yeah, I'll admit it, I was first drawn to the coffee because of the handsome packaging. Since I drink a lot of coffee each day while writing, I have to have a decent java. Note: I'm not a spokesperson, I don't live in Alaska, and I'm not a paid advertisement. I buy my own beans and grind 'em myself. :)

I've had Starbucks, Seattle's Best, Kona, Dunkin' Donuts, Larry's Beans, Peet's, Godiva, Folgers, Maxwell House, and a dozen other assortments. So I know a good coffee when I taste one. My biggest problem with Starbucks is they really roast their beans. Their coffee always tastes kind of burnt to me, so I have to add a ton of cream to make it palatable.

Ah well. Enough of my musings. Time to grab another cup and type. So far so good (knock on wood) on meeting deadlines. And thank you to Raven's Brew for making quality coffee.

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