Friday, February 4, 2011

Best Writing Day...Evah!

The weather is crappy. Wet and cold. A perfect day to nap. Or write. Today I knocked out an easy 11K words on a story that's writing itself. Ah, the blessed days loving the material. Not to say I don't love all my stories, but some days are better than others. And this new project I'm working on is really fleshed out. I feel like I can reach out and talk to my characters. They're alive in my head, or I'm just schizophrenic. Either way, they're talking to me.

So I had a great day. I'd still be writing if my kids hadn't come home from school. But after the third interruption, when my 7 yr old burst in to my office to show me how he licks his Oreos, I just gave up. Maybe I'll get some more quality time tomorrow morning. If not, I can always squeeze something in Sunday, and then, hurray, school is back and I'm busy.

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