Friday, December 10, 2010

A Very Bizarre Friday

So my mother has come to visit, and we're supposed to be having fun. Instead, I find a pair of yapping miniature poodles in my front yard. The canines were scratching at my front door and expecting to come in. Hello? Never seen the dogs before in my life. I already have 2 labs. We don't need more dogs.

Have I mentioned my mother is a dog lover? So now I'm waiting for some help to try to see if the dogs are microchipped, because they are too nice and well-groomed to be strays. sigh. I'm hoping the owners wake up and notice their dogs are gone. Geesh.

Happy Friday to the rest of you...

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Marie Harte said...

Good news. I found the owner of said dogs, and they were returned, no harm, no foul. Yapping and all.