Monday, October 12, 2009

One of THOSE Days

They call it Monday for a reason. Well, yeah, as in, "day of the moon", but also because Monday means, to most people, that crappy beginning of the work week following Sunday. It started out with my kids fighting with each other, progressed through a rain storm and a needless hour and a half wait at the car dealership, only to learn that my car stereo is fine, I'm just an idiot who can't understand what a subwoofer does. (The actual dealership was really nice about things. I just felt stupid wasting my time on a car stereo that works.)

I did get to eat lunch with my son, however, which was nice. Except when I arrived home, I noticed I was wearing two different earrings. Hopefully if anyone noticed they'll attribute my one red gem and one blue gem stud-look as something contemporary or artsy, and not just plain stupid. I can only hope I wasn't also walking around with toilet paper stuck to my shoe or spinach stuck between my teeth. The way my day's been, anything's possible.

Yeah, one of THOSE days.

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