Sunday, October 11, 2009

A New Banner??

Okay, so this is a new banner I created for my new Circ series, titled Dawn Endeavor. I'll start writing the first book next month! I'm very excited.

I wanted to showcase this new series and created an animated banner. Problem is, my animations never seem to work in Bloggerland. Ah, well. This is the front of the banner. On the back I listed the (tentative) titles. Since you can't see them, here they are:
Fallon's Flame
Hayashi's Hero
Julian's Jeopardy
Gunnar's Game

I just have to finish this current WIP before I can get to my new Circs. I have no doubt they're going to be a huge pain in the *ss. The last group were, but they make happy endings work, so who the heck am I to step in the way of progress?

Have a great weekend, and more tomorrow.

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