Monday, October 19, 2009

Caging the Beast, New Release!

Today, Caging the Beast, a m/m futuristic romance, releases from Total E-Bound. It's fast paced, adventurous, and deals with a bit of light dominance. The book has some reappearing characters from Creation's Control, but is completely stand-alone.

Here's a blurb.

Zachem'zen is known in the slave pens as ‘the beast.’ A brawler of planetary renown, he’s never been beaten. He was designed to be stronger than the strongest in the System. A Creation on the run from peacemakers, he trusted the wrong people and wound up a slave on Colony6. He’s never been happy, but he’s been content to bide his escape. Until a new prisoner rocks his world. Tarn’s dominant desire makes him hungry for more. The passion between them burns hot, but Zachem has no intention of being anyone’s slave for much longer. The commanding Tarn, however, has other ideas.

To read an excerpt, click here. Happy Monday!

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