Monday, October 5, 2009


There's nothing quite so empowering to me as finishing a manuscript. I completed Namesake today. Third edits and a better ending. I'm feeling like Wonder Woman, complete with lasso. Woo-hoo.


Michele said...

Congrats Marie!!!

Marie Harte said...

Thanks!! :)


Book Junkie said...

Hi Marie,

I just discovered you, sounds weird, I know ;-) and finished In Plain Sight, which totally rocks BTW! I am a series Shifter fan and it is so great to find new authors who you can follow. I am frustrated with myself for not starting at book one in a series (seems to be my MO really), but it just gives me time to catch up on all your great books. Really looking forward to it and hope to post my review today!

Thx, Brande

Marie Harte said...

Hey Brande.

Glad you liked In Plain Sight. It actually started out as a free read that grew in leaps and bounds. Thanks to my editor Laurie at Samhain, the story turned out really well. Revisiting Cougar Falls gives me so many ideas!! Too many. ugh.
I look forward to your review. :)