Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Lately, I've been getting a lot of positive feedback on In Plain Sight, a book that takes place in my fictional world of Cougar Falls, and that came out with Samhain last April.

I'm always curious when folks read something so much later after its release date. I know I normally read what's current unless I'm jonesing for some material and can't find anything I like. Then I'll hunt down authors I've read and check out their backlists. Or I'll painstakingly scroll through Fictionwise titles looking for new-to-me authors.

Just this week, and it's only Tuesday, five people have mentioned my Cougar Falls stories. Now, that may not seem like a lot to you, but it's a lot to me considering the stories haven't been out for months. So I'm thinking, maybe it's a sign I should put aside my next planned work-in-progress and write Ty's story (silver fox).

Any thoughts?

I'm hearing crickets. Maybe not. haha


Misti C. said...

I just read "In Plain Sight" again for the third time last night! Must be something in the air. I would love to read more stories based in Cougar Falls!

Marie Harte said...

Thanks, Misti. And I stand corrected, Rachel's Totem came out in April 2008, In Plain Sight came out in June, 2009.

lindseye said...

I love shifter stories and your take on them so I would love another Cougar Falls book. I will also read anything you write and am working through your backlist. Maybe people are finding you at one publisher and looking for you at others.

Marie Harte said...

Hey Lindseye.

I'm pleased you like Cougar Falls and my other stuff as well. I really seem to gravitate toward paranormal. So much fun to write! I do hope readers like something enough to read other works I've done with other publishers. I don't consider who publishes the story as much as the story itself. But I will say the folks at Cougar Falls have been speaking to me lately. :)


Michele said...

YES, YES, YES :) Would love it if Ty's story bumped in front. Have loved both RACHEL'S TOTEM AND IN PLAIN SIGHT.