Friday, February 22, 2008

Welcome to Cougar Falls

Last year, Samhain put out an open call submission for a feline shifter anthology. I wasn't going to write anything for it because nothing came to mind and I was busy with a bunch of other projects. But one night an idea hit, and I'm still not sure where it came from. From that, the town of Cougar Falls was born, a small town in Montana full of the Ac-taw, a special group of people with the ability to shapeshift into animal forms. With the help of a mystical totem, the town stays under the radar from the general human populace. But when the totem goes missing and its guardian dies, all hell breaks loose.

Here's the story (what might be the first of a series depending upon how well the book is received and how many other projects take up my time) of the Ac-taw, coming to Samhain April 15th. Read a short blurb below...
Cougar Falls is much more than a small town, and to Rachel Penny, it might very well provide a new beginning to a life she’s happy to leave behind. Recovering from an ugly divorce, Rachel has no intention of falling for a “pretty face” ever again, so her attraction to a rude Adonis in the local diner makes no sense. But then, nothing has made sense since she’s stepped foot in Cougar Falls. Having just arrived for a reading of her aunt’s will, Rachel quickly finds herself embroiled with brawling mountain men that seem more animal than man, orgasmic from a scorching sexual encounter with the rude stranger from the diner, and up to her eyeballs in town mysticism and tales of the Ac-taw, Shifters—people with the ability to transform into animals. But the Ac-taw aren’t just legend, they’re real. And Rachel soon finds she’s inherited much more from her aunt than some property, but a destiny to protect her newfound home, and a love she’s been waiting for her entire life.

Happy Friday!

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