Monday, February 25, 2008

Nearly Finished...

I've got that aaahhhh feeling, and I love it. That satisfaction you get when a book is near completion, only to be outdone by the ooo-ahhhh feeling of actually finishing the book. haha

I worked my tail off (unfortunately, not a literal expression) and am one short chapter from finishing The Perfect Creation, a futuristic romance starring one of the Mardu brothers, a group of special men from my first futuristic books. This is not part of a series, however, but a book set in the same universe as some of my others.

In The Perfect Creation, peacemaker Rafe of Mardu is concerned about his brother, Gar. In an attempt to force his stubborn brother to talk to him and under orders from his oldest brother to fix Gar's problems, Rafe is inadvertently mistaken for a world-class criminal. In no time at all, he's kidnapped by a beautiful woman with alien eyes and an agenda that sets his world on end.
Erin can't believe a criminal like Cheltam would take Blue Rim Laboratory's lucrative reward for her capture without even hearing her out. Supposedly a criminal who hates the law, Cheltam should have given her the benefit of the doubt. When he doesn't, Erin decides to persuade him to help her--by any means necessary. But she doesn't count on her fierce attraction for the warrior-like male, or her need to please him, a fact which really troubles her. Because Erin's lived a slave's life for too long, and she has no desire to serve anyone ever again... except Cheltam isn't just anyone. He's the man who awakens her heart and soul, and shows her the freedom that could be hers if she's strong enough to reach out and take it.

Coming soon to an electronic publisher near you. :) Yep, just one more chapter to go.. My bet, it'll be finished today. Crossing fingers...

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