Sunday, February 24, 2008


Man, I really want to slap myself. Today the husband took the kids with him to see the oldest performing with the Carolina Crown, a drum and bugle corps in North Carolina. Taking the little ones was the husband's way of seeing to it that I had writing time, God bless him, since I had little of it this past week due to a school holiday that had all the young ones at home.

HELLLOO??? It's nearly two in the afternoon and I've yet to write. Why? I think I'm trying to make myself perform under pressure, oddly enough when I do my best work. I'm just a few chapters from finishing my book, and had hoped to complete it today. I still intend to do so. But I just had to blog first, didn't I?

Sigh. So now, back to The Perfect Creation, where Rafe of Mardu meets his match in a woman strong enough to handle the Xema warrior in any and every sinful, sensual way.

Chow!! Marie

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