Saturday, February 9, 2008

To HEA or not to HEA??

Happily Ever After, what we in the romance community call HEA. Today I saw some commentary on another loop about this very topic and wanted to write about it, because I see it as such an integral part of the genre.

Well, you know what, I want my romance to have a HEA. That's mostly the reason I read it. I like the romance, a couple or group (depending upon what floats your boat) finding each other and falling in love. But it's just not a great story for me unless the happy couple has a happy ending. Too often in life good things happen, but the ending isn't pleasant. Half the marriages today end in divorce, and there's nothing wonderful about a couple in love that hate each other at the end of their relationship.

So yes, I want my happy ending. I want to bask in the happiness of a fictional romance where roses forever bloom and the hero always wants his lady. Heck, if I wanted reality, I'd read the newspaper or delve into the nonfiction section of my bookstore.

My two cents, but heck yes, gimme a happily-ever-after ending every time.

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