Saturday, December 8, 2007

Parades and Santa and Writing, oh my

The season is upon us, or at least upon me. Took the little ones to see Santa this morning and then on to a local parade, where my older kids march in the band. It was nice... and warm. Ah well, such is life in the south.

Been writing at a leisurely pace. Scrapped the second chapter in Satyr's Myst, my next contemporary geared for Loose Id. My heroine was a little too, er, loose to suit the story. I've since rewritten her actions and she's doing much better.

I'm also working up a new futuristic for a publisher that's caught my eye. Total E-bound seems to be an up and comer with great stories and covers. Their authors hit bestseller lists at Fictionwise and they have a solid reputation, far as I can tell, with readers and writers alike.

A few years ago I wrote several futuristics that had ties in the same universe, my first futuristics actually. They did very well and were fun to write. I even created a group of brothers, the Mardu brothers, who never did get all their stories told. Catam was introduced in Lurin's Surrender and had his story in The Thief of Mardu. Rafe and Sernal, his brothers, were introduced in that story and in Winner Takes All, but their stories didn't materialize when I was overtaken with other projects. So I plan to give them new life. And there's one other brother briefly mentioned, Gar, who suffered great tragedy and never quite got over it. I always wanted to write about him, and look forward to doing so.

Now if only I could clone myself to finish all the other stuff I still have on board to write... On to the weekend, and more later.

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