Monday, December 3, 2007

Merry Monday

Good Morning, or should I say good afternoon? I've been updating my website and just added a new excerpt for my novella, Emergence, coming from Amber Heat in January 2008. This morning I spent my time working on odds and ends, and sent art requests and blurb sheets for for Emergence and Rachel's Totem, coming in the spring of 2008 from Samhain.

Most publishers want their author's inputs on covers and on the fateful blurb, that grouping of words (normally found on the back of a print book) that's there to hook the reader into taking a chance on peaking at the story or, God-willing, buying the book.

I'm going to round out my day with edits on Guardian's Redemption. Tomorrow Enjoying the Show releases from Samhain. I'll be blogging here, of course, and at The Romance Studio. Looking forward to some downtime once my edits are done. I'm always excited to start a new project. Satyr's Myst and my last Firebreather book for Amber Heat are next on the horizon. Happy Monday and enjoy your week.

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