Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Finally! I've been waiting a long time for this... ENJOYING THE SHOW releases today from Samhain Publishing. This is my first submitted release to Samhain, the title that got my "foot in the door" but took a while to get published due to scheduling concerns. But it's here now, or will be later in the day, and I couldn't be happier! Take a look at the blurb and grab a sneak peek:

It’s “Look, but don’t touch.” Until the object of Hailey’s fantasies catches her looking and demands she touch him. Everywhere.

Hailey Jennison is smart, funny and, unfortunately, stacked like a blonde brick house. She’s well aware the impact her looks have on the male gender, and she hates it. Socially awkward, she keeps to a safe, boring routine, meeting friends once a week for dinner, some laughs, and entertainment. Entertainment comes in the form of a little harmless voyeurism, watching the living, breathing sex god across the quad parade around his apartment half-naked. Hailey watches and yearns, indulging in this weekly fantasy that almost—but not quite—satisfies her every desire. When Gage catches Hailey in the act of ogling him, he gives her a choice—go out with him, or he’ll call the cops. But he has no intention of calling the law down on every man’s wet dream. For he’s been watching her, as well. And he has plans to fulfill her naughty fantasies.

To read an excerpt, click here... And enjoy Enjoying the Show!

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